You experience so much comfort and luxury when you charter a private jet. Besides saving you valuable time, it gives you the privacy to prepare for your meeting on air or even relax before reaching your destination. 

Your private jet journey will begin at a private terminal which provides a comfortable atmosphere before boarding. This way, you can avoid the crowd in busy airport terminals. Also, the check-in time is much quicker and simpler compared to when you fly commercially.

Let’s tell you about the different types of private jets to help you make an excellent choice on your next private jet charter.

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A turboprop aircraft has exceptional performance during takeoff due to its light weight. As a result, these aircraft are able to land at smaller more local airports. Generally these aircraft fly slightly slower than the average business jet but for short distances provide a cost effective and luxurious means of transport for shorter distances. 

Flights with an expected average range of around 1,000-1,300 miles are the ideal distance for this category aircraft.

Due to its size, the turboprop can sit 1 to 8 passengers, depending on the model. 

Very Light Jet

It is the smallest of the private jets with lower running costs in comparison with the slightly larger light jet category aircraft. If you are going on a short trip of three hours or less, then the very light jet will be ideal for your trip.

These private jets come with a small baggage space and can accommodate four to seven passengers. It also has a flight range of about 1000 miles.

Light Jet

These jets are popular among business travelers and can accommodate six to eight passengers on a two to three-hour flight. The light jet category aircraft are typically used on flights of between 1,400 and 2,500 nautical miles.

The best part about the light jet is its accessibility to smaller airports and runways. Business travelers will enjoy more flexibility and freedom when they use less busy airports.

Midsize Jet

For longer flights, the midsize jet is the best choice, with 5 hours of non-stop travel or an average of 2,200 nautical miles. In addition, this jet provides more allowance for baggage, headroom, and can sometimes offer a full standup cabin. Sitting up to ten passengers, you can expect a more stylish and comfortable interior onboard the midsize cabin jet as well as a more detailed onboard experience.

Super Midsize Jet

This is an upgrade over the midsize jet and has greater space and extended range capacity. The super-midsize jets can cover an average of 3500 miles and fly up to 7 hours non-stop, sitting 8-12 passengers.

Apart from delivering greater speed and range, it has more room for standing and different seating configurations as well as a larger lavatory, and a service galley for refreshments during flight.


Heavy Jets

These jets have even more luxurious seats than the smaller super midsize aircraft. Due to the larger big cabin dimensions the heavy jet is a popular choice for elite travelers. The heavy jets are an upgrade from the super-midsize cabin jet and widely chosen by elite travellers.

About 9-12 passengers will experience a superior flying capacity of nine hours non-stop and a range of 4000 miles. There’s also enough room for entertainment,  relaxation, and onboard catering managed by a dedicated flight attendant.

Passengers on this category of aircraft often wish to have Wi-Fi to stay connected during flight. In most cases aircraft of this size will offer this capability.

Ultra-Long Range Jets

Popular for offering the best in private travel, the ultra-long-range jet is ideal if you look for something more than what the heavy jet can offer. In addition, you can enjoy the highest level of comfort with different seating zones in the cabin, an even more spacious luggage room and full-service galley.

This aircraft category has lavish interiors and amenities available to give you the most relaxing and enjoyable trip possible. If you are travelling in a group, you’re in luck. These private jets will accommodate up to 17 passengers on a flight distance of 6,000 to 6,500 miles. Capable of navigating higher altitudes, they can fly in tough weather conditions and cover great distances.

VIP Airliner

The VIP airliner provides bespoke interiors, spacious private suites, and in some cases an onboard cocktail lounge for the elite traveller who likes to travel in style. VIP airlines is a great choice for the customer wanting the largest possible cabin experience but does not require the range of the ultra-long-range jet.

The VIP airliner covers an average range of 3,800- 6,100 miles and sits between 15-30 passengers depending on the interior configuration.

Benefits of using a private jet

Many will agree luxury is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of flying privately. However, there are other benefits to experience when you fly a luxury private jet.

  1. Flexibility and Convenience
  2. Time saving before, during and after the flight
  3. Speed
  4. Comfort
  5. Safety
  6. Privacy
  7. Choice 
  8. Efficiency

How much does it cost to rent a private jet?

The cost of renting a private jet varies depending on the type of jet you want to charter and the flying hours. The cost will usually be between €2,000 and €10,000 depending on the category. A fully occupied jet can have same price per person as a first-class commercial flight but with a tailormade flight profile that fits your schedule.

For which occasions can I charter a private jet?

You are not limited to one occasion when it comes to using a private jet. Private aircraft can, among other things, be used for the following trips;

  • Solo or group business trip
  • Medical emergency
  • Vacations with family and friends
  • Special events like a concert or sports game.

Where can I hire a private jet?

With Fly Airiness, you can hire a private jet and enjoy the following benefits

  • Simple Booking Process
  • The Fly Airiness App allows you to book your flight and stay informed on your trip progress. In addition, you can monitor the weather at your departure and arrival location and view catering options available on your flight.
  • You have a customized concierge service to make your trip a memorable one, from hotel bookings to limousines for transfers.     

Many travellers are looking for alternatives to commercial flights due to the Coronavirus pandemic. If you dream of skipping the crowds and security lines while travelling, Fly Airiness brings you the best exclusive trips in a private jet.