Réflexion d’expert.

Expert en action.

Our Know-How means we are always analysing the market.
Our experience enables us to make the right choice.
Our global network ensures flexibility and reliability,
that is what being an private jet expert is all about.

Safety First.

Safety Always.

We have safety on our minds at all times,
even before making considerations on price.
Only private jet operators with the highest possible safety standards
are good enough for our customers.

Some go wide.

We go deep.

We go deeper, in order to fulfill the expectations
of our private jet customers and to establish a positive,
strong and sustainable customer relationship.

We work smarter.

And harder.

We look for alternatives where others do not.
Yesterdays “Good Service” is todays standard,
we always strive for tomorrows standard.

Privacy is power.

Respect Privacy.

Discretion is not a matter of good service,
it is a mindset.



Fly Airiness AG
Bruggerstrasse 21
5400 Baden, Suisse

+41 44 730 2070