Empty leg flights

Many people desire to fly private and for a good reason. Asides from the hassle-free boarding experience, you can enjoy luxury and comfort on the go. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, you should consider empty leg charter flights. 

Flights scheduled to fly without any passengers are known as empty leg flights. This happens when an aircraft needs to reposition or return after a charter. It could also be due to logistic reasons

Empty legs are also referred to as ferry flights, one way, and repositioning legs. Reports suggest that about 50% of the private jet charter fleet often fly empty. Consequently, an empty leg flight cost can go as low as 75% off the standard charter price.

The jet charter industry is expanding, and businesses are making the most of empty legs charter flights. Imagine a flight that is stress-free and offers comfort and luxury as well. Isn’t that a steal? Wait till you read the benefits of flying an empty leg flight.

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Enjoy Luxury and Comfort

Many people list comfort and luxury as the top things they desire when flying. You can get all of these when you fly an empty leg private jet. 

An empty leg flight will be a great way to have a memorable or productive trip if you are going for a business meeting or holiday.

You will have plenty of legroom and space to walk while onboard.


Nothing beats the pleasure of flying on a private jet at a reduced price. So, if you are not on a tight schedule, you can enjoy the flexibility empty leg charter brings. It is a win-win when you score a good deal for an empty leg flight. For a charter aircraft, empty leg flights offer the best prices and even discounts too.

Shorter Travel Time

Another great advantage of using an empty leg flight is shorter travel time. They are similar to express flights with no stop until the final destination. As a result, you will reach your destination faster when compared to a normal flight.

Skip Crowded Flights

Empty leg flights are ideal for business executives looking to avoid the rush from a busy tourist season or an overcrowded aircraft. In addition, you can have a relaxing flight without other passengers talking loudly.

Also, if you are travelling with business colleagues, you can still work while in the air. Most private charter flights offer Wi-Fi services.

Prices for Empty Leg Flights

When searching for an empty legs private jet, the price will depend on the aircraft, your date, and destination. However, with empty leg flights, you can save up to 75% of the initial cost for a private jet charter. 

For instance, a midsize charter can cost as much as $20,000, while an empty leg flight can go as low as $9000. The cost can be much lower when booking an empty leg flight for a group of people.

There are different types of private jets. Let’s help you determine which one will be perfect for your next trip.

Very Light Jet

These are the smallest types of private jets and are cost-effective in terms of maintenance and operation. They are also great for short travel distances or a maximum of three hours flight time.

Typically used for areas inaccessible to commercial airlines, they can accommodate four to seven people with light luggage.

Light Jet

With better passenger capacity, the light jet is popular among business travellers as it can seat up to eight passengers. In addition, the light jet can access small airports and runways, bringing convenience to business travellers who prefer to use less busy airports.

The flight distance of the light jet ranges from 1400 to 2,500 nautical miles making it suitable for a two to three hours flight.

Midsize Jet

Widely preferred due to the longer flight capacity of about five hours, these jets also have a bigger cabin. As a result, passengers can enjoy additional space for luggage, more headroom, and full standing capacity.

The midsize jets are cost-efficient to operate compared to heavy jets. They are also equipped with Wi-Fi and phone capabilities that allow passengers to stay connected and productive throughout the flight.

Heavy Jet

With a significantly larger cabin size, the heavy jet can accommodate ten passengers or more in comfort, elegance, and all the privacy available in private travel.

The heavy jet has a superior flying capacity of up to 9 hours non-stop and is ideal for elite travelers who like to fly in class.

Ultra Long Range Aircraft

If you desire something more luxurious than the heavy jet, you should go for the ultra long-range aircraft. It offers the best in private travel with a generous amount of cabin space for relaxation, food, and entertainment.

With lavish interiors and ultramodern amenities, the ultra long-range aircraft will provide an enjoyable experience of comfort and relaxation for about 17 passengers.

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